The Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Supplement



The Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Supplement


The Ultimate Anti-Oxidant Supplement


Benefits All Horses

  • Improved muscle function and recovery after exercise.
  • Creates shining hair coat.
  • Helps recovery after transport and competition.
  • Improved hoof quality.
  • Boosts immune system for healing.

Muscle function

  • Selenium Amino Acid Chelate:
    Powerful antioxidant that helps prevent sore muscles and “tying-up” syndrome.
  • Chromium Amino Acid Chelate:
    Boosts performance by lowering lactic acid and cortisol stress hormone.

Improve muscle building two ways.

Selenium Amino Acid Chelate

Selenium has many essential functions and of most interest to horse owners is it’s anti-oxidant role. The most obvious symptoms associated with low selenium levels are sore muscles and “tying up” syndrome – also poor performance, poor hair coat, poor hoof texture, unhappy or nervous temperament, poor immune function and poor breeding in mares and stallions.

Chromium Amino Acid Chelate

Sel-Plus also contains the essential trace mineral chromium in the amino acid chelate form. International research has shown chromium chelate decreases the lactic acid accumulation in muscles of exercised horses. Lactic acid is the most important cause of fatigue in the muscles of racing, showjumping and other sport horses.

Sel-Plus’s role as an anti-oxidant is “super-charged” and complemented by the addition of chromium chelate.


Vitamin A

Vitamin A has an important anti-oxidant role in removing the free radical called “singlet oxygen”, thus improving muscle recovery. It is also essential for maintaining the strength of tendons and ligaments.

Vitamin A levels are low in hay over 3 months old and in high grain diets. Low Vitamin A can be common in stabled horses in China. It is a heat sensitive vitamin so easily destroyed in heat processed feeds.




  • Fewer abnormal sperm leading to improved fertility.
  • Improve sperm quality – fewer secondary abnormalities.
  • Calming
  • Breed more mares

Strong healthy brood mares produce superior foals.

  “Our brood mares become pregnant more easily when we feed Sel-Plus for 12 weeks before breeding”

  • Can help improve fertility.
  • Develop a strong immune system in mares and foals.
  • Important role in Nutrigenomics – nutrition affecting the genetic potential of the foal
  • Mares must consume the essential trace mineral Selenium and Vitamin E daily or they risk infertility, early abortion, weak foals or retained fetal membranes (afterbirth).

Se & Vit. E are essential for equine reproduction.  Daily Se/ Vit E to mares helps prevent infertility, early abortion, weak foals or retained afterbirth. Se is critical for both immune function of the mare and developing foal.


Vitamin D is essential for bone strength as it is required for normal calcium and phosphorus metabolism. Prolonged low Vitamin D levels will cause swollen joints and stiffness of gaits. Sel-Plus contains a small amount of high quality Vitamin D as it also enhances the uptake of trace minerals. An important mineral especially for brood mares and foals.

Easy to Absorb

Amino acids and why your horse needs them.

Sel-Plus contains a high level of soy derived amino acids. These form the building blocks of every muscle and ligament and billions of blood cells. Before a horse can properly absorb inorganic minerals, they must be combined with amino acids in the intestine to create organic-mineral complexes. This complicated process uses Vitamin D, amino acids and enzymes . All the trace minerals in Sel-Plus are already organic amino acid complexes so easy for the horse to absorb quickly.

Need a safe, natural, effective antioxidant?

Sel-Plus contains 100% amino acid organic chelated trace minerals. Made in New Zealand by Ultimate Equine Ltd, owned and managed by two Equine Veterinary Doctors with a combined 80 years of experience. Sel-Plus is packaged in tamper-proof tins so you can rely the quality and freshness of every tasty scoop.


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