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Dr Katherine Davis Sel-PlusIf you are curious about me and why I invented Sel-Plus here is my “official bio” I graduated from Murdoch University School of Veterinary Science, Western Australia in and shortly thereafter emigrated to the United States. I worked for six years in private practice in the USA after gaining accreditation through the Educational Commission For Foreign Veterinary Graduates Programme. Currently I am licensed Veterinary Physician and Surgeon in good standing in Australia, New Zealand, and in the US States of Oregon, California and Idaho. As well as manufacturing Sel-Plus and running our company, I travel to China and Hong Kong where I am a Veterinary Consultant for equine related business projects – equestrian development, feeding and education, training and racing, dressage and showjumping nutritional program development.

In the USA I worked in a very progressive practice which offered both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine modalities. I learnt there are many paths to wellness from western medicine, surgery, massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, Chinese Herbal Medicine to nutrition to treat animals under stress. “Stress” meaning any illness, pregnancy, crowded housing conditions or being asked to perform at maximum for an equine athlete. This practice encouraged me to develop my interest in nutrition for horses and enhancing performance using anti-oxidant combinations of vitamins and minerals.

We adopted a holistic approach to the animals in our care not only doing emergency work, but enhancing each animals quality of life and therefore performance.

Further equine work in California convinced me to concentrate on sports medicine for horses. I wanted to help horses maintain healthy immune, cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal and musculo-skeletal systems, the benefits being better health for the animal, fewer emergency calls from colic and other situations arising from poor husbandry and improved performance for the owner.

My husband and I immigrated to New Zealand (with 6 horses) and continued our research into Selenium-Vitamin E issues. Selenium, along with all the antioxidant minerals, is essential to performance horses. Equine athletic performance declines due to low selenium significantly before the breeding horses show classical deficiency symptoms such as weak or “dummy foals” seen in Nutritional Muscular Dystrophy. A recent survey showed that many foals born diagnosed as weak, or failure of passive transfer (FPT), were in fact foals born to mares with very low selenium levels.

I have been interested in this syndrome since many years ago we lost one precious foal, which was misdiagnosed as a Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT) foal, but was in fact a Nutritional Muscular Dystrophy (NMD) foal. Further research revealed that selenium does not act alone but in concert with Vitamin E and other antioxidants. Our company, Ultimate Equine Limited, grew from the conviction that it was possible to produce a safe, effective feed supplement that would prevent the problems caused by low selenium and low antioxidant levels, and furthermore, enhance performance. We have achieved our goal and developed Sel-Plus.

Company Biography

Ultimate Equine Ltd company began in March 1992 preceded by two years of research, testing and product development. The result, Sel-Plus, is an all organic trace mineral and vitamin antioxidant feed supplement for performance horses.

Registration, Patents and Licenses

Patent rights were granted in New Zealand in April 1992 and in Australia in December 1994 and Trademarks registered. Sel-Plus was licensed by the New Zealand MAF Animal Remedies Board in December 1991. The Australian National Registration Authority (now APVMA) also licensed Sel-Plus. These licenses were granted once Sel-Plus passed stringent standards proving its safety and efficacy in horses.

Product Positioning

Sel-Plus was positioned at the upper segment of the equestrian market with the initial market being Eventing, Dressage, Showjumping and pleasure riding equestrian sports.

Domestic Market

The product continues to be well supported by a loyal user base in the sport horse industry. To successfully grow in the New Zealand market it was decided to introduce Sel-Plus to the thoroughbred and harness racing industry. This was achieved by contacting 120 New Zealand trainers and asking for their participation in a field study over the Summer 96/97. Response was positive with many trainers observing improvement in their equine athletes including New Zealand’s top Harness Racing trainer Mark Purdon who won the Australian Interdominion with a “Sel-Plus horse” Blossom Lady.

International Market

It was evident that from the first year of eager acceptance that Sel-Plus occupies the premium position in the equine product market place.

Since August 1992 Dr. Kathrine Davis has been invited to join official Trade Mission’s, for example from the Canterbury Chamber of Commerce to Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and Hong Kong. Dr. Davis is now a regular visitor to several Asia countries where her expertise and local knowledge has assisted many professional trainers to become very successful in their equestrian sport and businesses.

In April 2008 Dr Davis was invited to join the business delegation for the signing of the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement. Ultimate Equine Ltd sees a great future partering with elite Chinese equestrian organizations to educate, train and assist in developing the depth of knowledge required to be an international force in equestrian pursuits.

Sel-Plus is currently available in:

  • Australia
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • China

We welcome enquires worldwide.

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