Sel-Plus Testimonials

Yesterday’s, Today’s and Tomorrow’s International Super Stars Rely Upon Sel-Plus

  • HONG KONG JOCKEY CLUB – Sel-Plus has been continuously used by HKJC leading racing trainers for almost 20 years.
  • OLYMPIC GAMES – Sel-Plus contributed to the winning success of the New Zealand Three Day Event Team in at least FOUR Olympic Games.
  • ASIAN GAMES – Sel-Plus was there too!
  • DESERT GIANTS MARATHON – Sel-Plus was considered the “secret weapon” in the preparation of the team for the 1996 120km endurance event in the United Arab Emirates.
  • NZ ENDURANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS – Sel-Plus helped the winner of the “Best Conditioned Horse” achieve the award by helping her muscles maintain a healthy free-radical balance over 120km.
  • QUEENS CUP – SINGAPORE TURF CLUB : The 2010 Winner Steven Burridge Training Stable punched an entire pallet of Sea-Plus to feed his entire racing team… and he won the prestigious award several months after beginning all his team on Set-Plus.


This is a fantastic and huge thing for us - 2 people who are basically 'nobodies' that have just worked through blood, sweat and tears to get this far! I have always tried to gain any kind of knowledge and new research to give us the edge with regards to training and...

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International Success

All vitamins are food or pharmaceutical grade and all minerals are amino-acid chelated for stability during storage and improved assimilation by the horse.

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Saddleworld Store Success

Well, after six weeks on the product my Dressage horse is fitter than he’s ever been in his life, he looks brilliant and seems to have more energy than before.

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Dressage Success

Matisse is a Sel-Plus baby. His mother was on Sel-Plus throughout her pregnancy and Matisse has been on it every day of his seven years.

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