International Success

In recent years there has been a shift in emphasis from supplying supplements that provide minimum daily requirements to prevent deficiency diseases to a philosophy that seeks to use nutrients to enhance function and performance. The goal of Sel-Plus is to target specific body systems with synergistic groups of vitamins, minerals and proteins delivered at optimum levels on a daily basis.

Sel-Plus is such a formula designed and tested by the two veterinarians over a period of several years. The product was launched in 1991 and was first to market and unique in several ways. All vitamins are food or pharmaceutical grade and all minerals are amino-acid chelated for stability during storage and improved assimilation by the horse. There are no cheap fillers or inorganic minerals added to Sel-Plus and every ingredient, whether listed on the label as an active or non-active, has a nutritional basis. Great care is taken to avoid the addition of any ingredient that could interfere with the activity of any other. The synergy between the nutrients is considered to be largely responsible for the growing success of this product worldwide.

Any informed reader will see from the list of ingredients that Sel-Plus is an anti-oxidant formula that assists muscle function by helping neutralize toxic free radicals. The addition of Chromium amino acid chelate regulates blood sugar and reduces lactic acid and the stress hormone cortisol during and after exercise. This helps provide alternate pathways for offsetting the effects of muscle fatigue.

This is not a “multi-supplement” for all horses but was designed to meet the needs of the equine athlete in competition and offer a specific nutritional edge.


  • Four Olympics and the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China?… YES, Sel-Plus was there!
  • Sel-Plus was in Barcelona with the New Zealand Three Day Event Team and assisted winning event horses in Atlanta, Sydney and Beijing (Hong Kong) Olympiad.
  • Sel-Plus was considered the “secret edge” for Arab endurance horses to win the prestigious 1996 120km Desert Giants Marathon in the United Arab Emirates.
  • Sel-Plus has been approved by the Japanese Racing Association and helped jumpers at the Tanzawa Riding Club jump very high indeed.
  • Sel-Plus is recommended by the veterinarians and used by trainers at the prestigious Hong Kong Jockey Club for almost a decade.
  • Sel-Plus is given to every horse of the Leading Trainer’s team for 2010 at Singapore Turf Club.


Throughout the world of racing, sport horses and endurance competitions where owners and trainers reported their observations after 90-150 days of supplementation Sel-Plus received more than 90% approval rate. Their observations are as follows :

  • Improved working temperament and relaxation
  • Improved condition, haircoat and muscle mass
  • Improved suppleness and freedom of movement
  • Improved energy and performance

To support the positive questionnaire results one hundred trial horses entered a comprehensive blood testing program. Results were consistent showing over the trial period significant increases in whole blood glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) values and increased hemoglobin values in horses with baseline low to low-normal levels. Pre-trial elevated creatinine phosphokinase (CPK) levels were noted in several competition horses and were all reduced during the trial period.

Fed as directed, Sel-Plus is safe and simple to use. Almost 4 million doses have been consumed by thousands of Sport Horses in New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and China without a single negative reaction. Simply add to moistened feed or as horses love the taste, feed directly from the hand once daily. The sealed airtight tins are convenient to use, (and re-use) keep the product fresh and help protect the delicate vitamin and mineral balance from damage by air and light.

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International Racing success

“Used on a regular basis, Sel-Plus is one of the most effective supplements in the feeding programme of my horses”

Dressage Success

Matisse is a Sel-Plus baby. His mother was on Sel-Plus throughout her pregnancy and Matisse has been on it every day of his seven years.

Saddleworld Store Success

Well, after six weeks on the product my Dressage horse is fitter than he’s ever been in his life, he looks brilliant and seems to have more energy than before.