I need something to calm my horse

Sel-Plus contains Vitamin E well known for its natural relaxing capacity.

I need something to help to build my horses muscles

Sel-Plus was the first supplement in New Zealand, Australia and Asia to include Chromium Amino Acid Chelate in its original formulation. Chromium is essential to build muscles, keep stress hormones at a low level, regulate blood sugar and may keep lactic acid levels low in performance horses.

Do you have something for tying-up ?

Sel-Plus contains the anti-oxidants selenium, Vitamin E and beta-carotene which are important in prevention of tying-up syndrome.

What about something to bring through my horses coat?

Ultimate Equine Ltd has a file overflowing with user testimonials to attest to the fact that coats improve on Sel-Plus. We are not sure if it is the amino acids, the organically chelated minerals or the vitamins, which causes this effect, but it is seen in almost all cases.

I want a safe, natural effective form of selenium to feed

Sel-Plus contains 100% amino acid chelated trace minerals so they are natural, up to 90% is absorbed by the horse and very safe to feed. Inorganic forms, found in many horse supplements, are poorly absorbed by the horse (often only 10%). Selplus also contains Vitamin E and beta-carotene and is therefore a more complete anti-oxidant formula than feeding selenium alone.

I am interested in a targeted performance supplement as I already pay a lot of attention to my feeding programme

Sel-Plus is used by performance trainers in all disciplines from the winner of the Longines Singapore Gold Cup to the Desert Marathon winner in the United Arab Emirates to members of the New Zealand 3 Day Event team. Anti-oxidant supplements are essential to provide the nutritional basis for peak performance by helping eliminate toxic free radical build up in the horse’s muscles.

I need a cost effective supplement

Any price you pay for something that does not work is expensive, we guarantee Sel-Plus works. Further, if you consider the bio-availability of the amino-acid chelated minerals in Sel-Plus is around 90% versus inorganic mineral supplements, which vary from 10 to 20% the gap widens even more. Sel-Plus is very cost effective as you can be assured your horse absorbs 90% of every scoop you feed.